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About Us

Taekus is building premium financial services products, with a strong emphasis on travel rewards.

How We're Doing

We’ve been profitable for the past few years and our debit card/checking account product is going strong!

To get here, we’ve wrangled partnerships with Visa, multiple banks, and airlines. We’ve raised a seed round from various angels, including The Points Guy himself.

We are now 10 teammates strong and looking for our next team members. The startup is about to get really hectic really fast, and we're looking for an additional teammate to join us on this adventure.

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Compliance and Risk


Working at Taekus

We're a small, fiercely resourceful team that's getting ready for the start-up rocket to blast off. We also love small critters.

Some of our team's pets:

Tiberius Mance

Tiberius Mance

Truffle Lin

Truffle Lin

Mylo and Bella Woldenberg

Mylo and Bella Woldenberg